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Poetry discourse. Love discourse.

The warrior queen does not like the poem I have said is for Lohr, and in truth she was annoying me in the writing of it. All these poems are preliminary in any case, as a part of this month, … Continue reading

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Poetry month #6: Tears of paradise (for Soren)

Not precisely pastoral, our scene: A chase in the woods, you distracting me And I, choosing to be distracted. The wild hunt transformed into fertility rites, Resurrection translated into homecoming, And sacred objects transubstantiated into Chocolate Easter eggs Hidden for … Continue reading

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Happy birthday beloveds

Regardless of all, I am and will always be glad for your birth.

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Witch’s pyre

You built it without walls, this pavillion, to house our son and you, and I. And this creek with its clear water to wash; its waters cool from the mountain of ice. Your mountain of ice. Our common ground. Once … Continue reading

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Witch to Prince

It seems others have said it: But you promised. A child’s cry, indeed. Regardless, I continue. Because once you took oath to me as Prince and I thought there was some meaning in it. You promised if there were an … Continue reading

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