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There is strength to spare in my world: Magdalena is fully returned to us, sorrowful perhaps but unwavering and more bilingual in the ways of the light than ever was thought possible. The warrior queen, while we will never see … Continue reading

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Now I amuse myself: Menu for a divorce party

To wonder what Li’s and my divorce party would look like, were we to have one. A decrepit mansion, perhaps, as the venue – preferably attached to a cemetery. The menu: Hors d’oeuvres would be skewers, of course. Cheese or … Continue reading

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Dexter, Season 2: A good beginning

I like that he misses with the knife, in the first episode. And with the loa, how appropriate. And that he is rendered impotent. And then, in the season, the challenge. And the treasure trove of bags. So elegant. And … Continue reading

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But of course

You will remember, beloved, when Maelynn lay beneath the ground with Aden, how we raised her. And you also, cara mia. So simple it is, for necromancers. And with the bond, of course one may find the icy tomb. The … Continue reading

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Poetry discourse. Love discourse.

The warrior queen does not like the poem I have said is for Lohr, and in truth she was annoying me in the writing of it. All these poems are preliminary in any case, as a part of this month, … Continue reading

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Lost Boys

Ah cara mia, how I would like to discuss this with you. So many tales of true crime, and so little contact.

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Dexter, season 1: Finale

There are these spoilers.   I found it somewhat predictable until the final moments. Although the idea that both brothers would become serial killers seems far-fetched to me. They are not so common, and it is not so common a … Continue reading

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