Poetry month #3: 2 o’clock

It’s the call.
The naked part that watches for the tiger sits up:
That catch in the voice at the other end speaks
A frailty:
Magdalynn? Lynn? George?
There’s been —
Something’s happened —
I don’t know how to say this —
I’m sorry to have to —
Before it was the 2 o’clock this,
The 4:30 that but now, even cancelling
(Because people do cancel; we are considerate like that)
There is then then,
But now there is only the now.
I’m coming.
I’m here,
What did they say —
What happened —
Tell me —
(Oh god, don’t tell me. Just – don’t.)
One day, perhaps, there will be a 2 o’clock again.
At least for some.
Let it be for mine.


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