Poetry month: Do this

I have been silent. But it is poetry month so I will write 30 very poor poems, or drafts, or what have you.

Do this

Do this, do this, do this
At work and stop for gas
The slow pump; the authorization
Crawling, the hissing,
Kneeling bus in my lane and
An old lady doing a waltz
To cross; lost the light.
The light fades with the
Car door; a slam more than
Is absolutely — garbage cans
Out again why hello to you too
How are…the weather’s…have
to run.
Running down the hall comes the
Toddler, a boo-boo, a boo-boo mummy,
And his brother one wrong on the spelling —
Ham! Daddy made ham! And peas and rice
And — don’t flick that — spill that —
Talk to your brother that —
Did he get his milk? What did you do
Today — look at the time.
Yes you may have a cookie.
No, brush your teeth.
Yes, time for a story
If it is short — I like this one,
The end.
The end.
Hugs. Kisses.
One more kiss.
For me.
Tuck. in.
Do this.


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