Serial killers and soulmates

Suspect in dismemberment case may have dated Karla Homolka.

I wonder if people hope that he did, because it is lascivious to think of.

If he did, I wonder if it is because he wished to be close to the things that she did. As those who would be musicians sometimes date musicians, merely to be close to the music.

Or I wonder, perhaps, if her taste caused her to pursue him; perhaps one might use her dating history as a drug-dog.

Or perhaps they were apt to date because they are similar.

In any case, I find it very interesting. Here everyone has forbidden me from seeking the video of the murder or of the kittens. I think I would not like to see them in any case; there are both humans and cats I love, so looking for harm for others is not what I wish to do. Which I suppose, as the warrior queen would put it, removes me from his dating pool.


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