Joys and sorrows

I enjoy this weekend, as do the rest. There has been nearly every sort of companionship, much sun, and an effort on those who like to be productive to also take the time to enjoy.

Yesterday we went to the park where we used to take Noah, when he was of a similar age to Liam – a little older. It is a playground with slides and swings and a large sandbox with a comfortable ledge, up under oak trees on a hill, and just down the tiny hill is the boardwalk, beach and lake, glinting. There are washrooms if needed, and two blocks north, coffee and such. In the picture below there is one edge of the sandbox, and the roof of the washrooms. It was busier than it seems there but we were mindful not to get other children in the frame.

We used to sit with Noah playing in the sand and watch the sky and water and be at peace. And I used to also bring Ahren and later Avalon, and think on whatever San would have spoken about with me, and look forward to see him in the evening. Although I could rarely bring myself to share these details I now write, I could bring my smile and delight.

So yesterday, as we chased Liam who prefers to run, and watched Noah who still prefers to dig, and three grandparents and Carl aided and laughed, I was both joyful at the day and sorrowful not to share it with San. Perhaps one day he will read this and know it.

I am grateful too for my archangel, for whom I also write this and know he is glad to know the joys and the sorrows all together.




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