Religious questions

Today my elder son of the flesh asked me why it is churches all have a cross on them. We were driving in the car so his father was there and I hoped he might answer, but there was silence and so I thought I ought to say something. 

I asked him if he remembered Jesus from Christmas. He said yes so I explained that when Jesus became a man, he angered the Romans, or others angered the Romans, and they nailed him to a cross, which makes it a crucifix. And that he died, and then three days later he rose again. And this was a miracle and so people knew he was the son of God, and many many people believe in him and that he is the King of Heaven.

My son was quite intrigued by this. I explained that all people who are Christian, even if they do not agree on all other things, agree that Jesus is the son of God and that he died and was buried and rose again. I told him that Jesus first appeared to women, to his mother Mary and to another woman, Mary Magdalene. I could not remember any other women although I think there were some. 

I thought it good to tell him he should appear to his mother first, but I let it lie. He asked his father if he believes in God and Jesus and his father said yes. But he did not ask me. I was glad. Later, however, he brought me his child’s bible and wished to read about the Philistines and the Israelites and their war, and the ark brought to the temple of Dagon. I tried to convince him to read a better story, but that was the one he wished. 


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