Ah, I laugh. Perhaps I will have to read astrology.

I do not truly believe in astrology but this one made me laugh, a sharp laugh perhaps, but a laugh nonetheless:

This week I’m taking a break from my usual pep talks. I think it’s for the best. If I deliver a kind-hearted kick in the butt, maybe it will encourage you to make a few course corrections, thereby making it unnecessary for fate to get all tricky and funky on you. So here you go, Taurus: 1. The last thing you need is someone to support your flaws and encourage you in your delusions. True friends will offer snappy critiques and crisp advice. 2. Figure out once and for all why you keep doing a certain deed that’s beneath you, then gather the strength and get the help you need to quit it. 3. It’s your duty to stop doing your duty with such a somber demeanor and heavy tread. To keep from from sabotaging the good it can accomplish, you’ve got to put more pleasure into it.


By this definition my beloved Mikael is a true friend, but this I think I knew, even as I suspect love of delusion.I thought I was done with it, but it only takes an invitation to rest and a long caress down the back. Love is my strength and my weakness, I think. We have all pondered, in the wake of betrayal, why it is we are each one of us thus. But we are, and too much thought on it is like asking why the sky is black, I think. My children are the same, and I see it in Avalon and Ahren clearly. Even these sons of the flesh are thus, although in some ways I hope they will have the easier time of it; a little more about them so that love is broadened into the world.

Apart from love of course I am alahai, destruction and destroyed.

Mikael tells me if my word were true, then it will not truly break even if I seek to break it. (And how many times have I betrayed it over the last years? Many.) But if I seek to break it and to leave certain aspects of the past behind, to see what holds, I must not linger in the doorway, but truly leave them and walk decisively away. This last is true; I have lingered. He says he has watched me many times turn back. That is so.

He also said certain religious things I have considered much. They are not precisely new, perhaps more in line with Lyria’s beliefs than my own, that the part serves the whole.



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