Still waiting :)

Admittedly I haven’t been all over Dreamhost but they are slow to get back to me. I just bugged ’em again. 

I will say that my tolerance for Things Going Wrong is low as Emily’s birthday is tomorrow, so I have kind of ignored my blog. On the plus side, we went to the zoo today for a bit, got a lot of minor chores done, and I am quasi-working from home tomorrow. (V. has an appointment in the afternoon and that was enough to tilt the balance. Hopefully I won’t get fired.:)). 

I did have a great, great event via work on Thursday – interviewed some Canadian celebs and saw many pretty red dresses, which probably helps some people pinpoint the event. A couple of years ago that kind of event would have flipped me out; instead I kind of enjoyed myself and really enjoyed asking questions. Basic ones – no gotcha journalism or anything like that of course, but enough to get some good quotes. Although I never anticipated working for A Woman’s Magazine in the way that I do, the talk-to-people-write-stories part I really, really love when it’s about what rocks their worlds. 

I also had a cold and was out late, late (by my standards lately), plus adrenaline, so that’s another reason I just haven’t been in headspace to figure out the site tech stuff. 

Friday I had lunch with a writer and that was really nice too, lunch, talking about the state of media, etc. 

Hang in there. 🙂




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