Pasta puttanesca

Likely you know the origin of this dish; so quick and easy it was eaten by whores after their work in Italy –

The pleasing sounds of quick and easy.

Swirling spaghetti strands through oil and then sucking the last ends into their mouths.

But this plate, this plate is for the mother who comes home to well-fed and bathed children; one to martial arts with his father and one who walked a total of five steps between the bounce saucer and the high chair.

Who babbled and laughed and grabbed, look here, look now. Quick and easy this breath, quick and easy rubbing the eyes, slow and still into sleep.

And then the next comes with a new stripe on his green belt; perhaps a two inches long and half an inch wide, it adds yards to his shoulders. And yet still before sleep he demands a kiss.

The capers are salty little bites after a long day.



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