Integrity, you said, even as I was torn apart

Skating on thin ice and it cracks;
The parting shot echoes as I plunge
Into the salty, wet cold.
Underwater, alone, that last breath held.

Glass between myself and that upstairs
I had taken for granted.

The weight of this clothing chosen
From old wardrobes, pulls me down
Why claw my way up again – for another
Waltz, hand in slippery hand?

Then another crash; a stick held,
Some muffled sound: Integrity, you said
Integrity even as you are torn apart.
I struggle out of fisherwife’s weave
And grasp your reach.

The cold burns here; each muscle clenches
In spasm; the buoyant silence turns to
Your voice: Breathe, you say.
Warmth is coming.
Warmth is coming.

It is poor and I am out of practice, but it is in part the nature of the season, for it to be a little bad. My beloved archangel happy the day.



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