Happy the New Year

Today it is a new year, and I am glad for many things. I am glad to seek to know, and be sought to be known. I am glad for my children, all, and particularly to share music with them.

Many days, while we have not been at a job, after the school the sons of the flesh and I have had music. Sometimes to sing, sometimes to listen and sometimes to dance. Then after dinner, more music while washing up and tidying for five minutes, more a frolic than anything.

They both love it; one sees it in their bodies all through. As they become older there is more to share; every thing a delight. Eventually, of course, they will become more private with certain things, and will mock my tastes, and I will delight in that, but differently. This now, is a little Eden.

There are many things I wish for this year, but I think they begin with these.

We also sorrow with a family which loses a child. My daughter is never much far from my thoughts, but it renews the ache in the arms, even as Liam fills them. We dreamt a dozen deaths for both sons. But this does not stop the day to come.


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