My elder children have shown me what they do, and it is delightful for those who delight in it; maybe even for myself a little. I will not say overmuch, for it is for all the children, and I think it will be recorded in any case, at least a little.

I am glad they and Saria (when she has the time, for she cares for Sian) and Loryn and Caprice do all this, but I said to Lyria, perhaps they lead because we do not. She said she has helped and been consulted, and she thinks as long as this is not all there is; that we do things as well, it is all right. With that I looked at her cottage and realized her children have baking and snowflakes; the warrior queen’s have forts and trees.

I still will not celebrate Christmas in my home but I will make something for Anala; tomorrow morning is the solstice so I will wake her with a fruited bread I think, and tell her tales of snow, and Asher may toddle about with a biscuit. He walks now.

One might think Lyria would have said. The first holidays after divorce should be watched, but I had not thought of it beyond the plans of my elder two. Of course there is this outside one, but it is not from me. I know my children will miss their father a little, but they need not miss all else.

If one had said to me, one day you will not write of blood on snow and ice, but of children’s cupcakes, I would have thought that person mad. But to do it without San would have been thought impossible.

I miss that other Avalon, and whatever other children they have manifested. Likely they are less trouble; mine argue with me, make bonds with queens of light, and wish to spend my pocket-money on dragonfruit and courses on death. I like them all.



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