All my life I have been alahai, from earliest memory to the breaths I take now. From the dark hole, the acrid smell of myself, the joy of rescue, the pleasure of the flesh, the knife. Sacrifice and hunger and pleasure and blood and presence. I gave San the Queen he sought and he despised me for it. I gave David the journey he says it is not far enough. Mikael asks for my sight: Why? I have seen enough. In all the years I have looked in the eyes and the movements of others and seen all they will not speak, all the gravel beneath, the chairs, the rugs, the linoleum, the wide wooden floors, in the closets, beneath porches, under bridges, in alleys and churches, the back seats, the fronts, bus stations, hands and hands and hands roaming and cocks choking and legs forced, every crowd a new set of images, every day a new flash of how one person possesses another.

And now for Aden’s sake you wish me to countenance joining Maelynn, whose sight surpasses my own, to Avalon in the light? Why? To rip further into Lynn? When there is another way?



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