Silence gives consent, it is said. So I will say I find it inexcusable that Li and San have told our children not to email them. Well, it was another, but speaking for them. If ever an edict were made for the breaking, I would think they should break that one the first.

I also find it strange. I liked the email from all my children, very much, and I like to read Avalon’s blog and to see Caprice’s artwork rendered on the page. I wonder why it is their fathers find such things an affront. For myself, I delight to see them grow; I re-read the messages we exchanged with much fondness. It is strange, and petty, that they would not permit their children these pleasures. Being our children, of course, they will not suffer the sting to their pride, and withdraw the field.

I had always thought San and Li to be good fathers; now I see perhaps it is merely that they were less tested. Certainly they do not extend themselves overmuch now. Their way or the highway. What do you expect, if you place youngsters in this sort of position?

The further we go apart, the more I see I understood little. It is difficult, at times, to step from that confusion to a new understanding with my archangel. This week I stood apart and watched the warrior queen struggle with that, and fail; wound before heart. I am certain my time will come.


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2 Responses to Silence

  1. Mikael says:

    And when it does, we shall see it through.

    This is, I think, what my twin saw in Avalon from the beginning — that she had been taught to discover the correct way and follow it, at least with a man. It is why my child-self grew so frustrate with her, that she would not step all the way into being, but held back for fear (I think) of that ice. But now of course she is every thing that grows.

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