Oaths rescinded

They write to me that perhaps we will be able to love in the next life.

Why would I love those who break oaths continually? Li and I agreed this was the last time, and he left again. That is not love, and it is not respect.

I rescind my oaths. If Li should attempt to return, and I find myself weak, Mikael will enact the more ancient tradition, I think. If I ask nicely.


In truth it is a great sorrow. But I see more clearly. I did truly come to open my heart again to Li. I felt that if I were to follow the marriage and the oath of Consort and Queen, I must truly do so, in the spirit in which they were made. And I found again the person that I loved and respected enough to make the oaths in the first place. I had great hope for our future together. But today, he ended it again, and I had set my line.

So there it is.


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2 Responses to Oaths rescinded

  1. Mikael says:

    For all the sting, I should rather have learned to see the man you love than this.

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