My archangel has requested I find the time to…I will think for the words to summarize. To attempt to be present at this holiday of light and air and such, in the light and air and such. Not for very long. But some.

It is not the easiest request to grant, which perversely makes me the more eager to grant it. Just now I am typing at night in the dark, because others are asleep and it is the more comfortable, but it is not in the spirit of the request. I have attempted it once, but it was grey, for one. And while I fished with my son, although he was the focus, I remembered how fishing in the past was a lesson. So it was not unshadowed.

I will have to try it again, to grant this request to taste more of this external life to find new likes.

The warrior queen reads a blog of a woman who of late has discussed some deadly sins and the ones of which she is guilty. She wrote compellingly of covetousness. I greatly admire her capacity to write such things, and I am glad for it. This sort of thought is alien to me; I have been jealous, perhaps, but rarely envious. But it explains certain mysteries.

I do not fear envy, not even in a lover. (For do we not all have a deadly sin? Mine is lust.) But I am glad for one who will look past it to press me a little to find new pleasure, even ones he does not share.


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3 Responses to Requests

  1. Mikael says:

    Ah, Lady, surely if I have a deadly sin it is neither envy nor (I fear) lust.

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