The warrior queen insists that there must be something discussed, by which I think she means provided for, my Caprice.

In truth I find nothing ill with Caprice. Yes, he is sometimes defiant or intolerant. But I look at her parents, particularly his father, and I merely laugh a little. I think the loud music and the black t-shirts and stud jewelry is if anything rather like the warrior queen. Perhaps that is why it bothers her.

In any case I think it is true that Caprice finds some things difficult in this new arrangement. But there is little to be done for the core of it: Li has gone and as he himself would say, it is what it is.

There is little mayhem to be created without consequence, because of the young children of the flesh. But I am not certain there is any cure, apart from art, and Caprice has not chosen a medium as of yet. So a little music overloud here and there is a small price I think.


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