Revolutionary Girl Utena: Episodes 1 & 2

I am trying something new to watch, anime. It is not something we have watched very much of, although we are somewhat familiar with some of the archetypes. (My once-perhaps husband, for example. I laugh a little, but it is not entirely untrue.) But I am glad to be looking at new things and I am grateful for the recommendation and companionship to watch.

The first two episodes are very full. The music is very good – better than I had anticipated.

There are some things I like in the structure of it. I like that they do not attempt to explain many things but merely allow them to occur. And of course I like the play with the fairy tales and the overlapping roles, and the fluidity of sexuality and crushes and such. But I would like to see better who is the witch. It seems a warrior series in many ways, not that this lacks interest to me, but in the lines drawn thus far. I perhaps hope they will blur a little soon.

The repetition which is common in cartoons and anime both (the eggshell and chick breaking, the drawing of the sword) is all right.

Thus far I am glad to be watching it.



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