I had been thinking of a Victorian mansion for a dwelling for myself, Ahren and Avalon (when they wish), Anala and Asher. But in considering and planning I have decided instead to remake a church into a home.

It has always appealed to me, even in the flesh, to purchase a deconsecrated church and reshape it into a place to live. I am most at home with altars, of course. But it is also the airiness.

At one time the warrior queen and I and this husband went to see a small church for sale not too far from here. Of course for them the area that was the chancel and the altar would be for entertaining. But I think I would like it for a bedroom. If it is a church with a large nave, that would suffice for the rest, I think. Of course in our lands one has a great deal of flexibility.

I am teased that I might convert a cathedral, but I think that excessive.

It took time for this dream to take shape. I have been used to suppressing myself as religious for a long time – not that San was not aware of it, but he had a distaste for spiritual belief in general, and in specific he always wished me to recant my experience of anything other than it as trickery and abuse. But that was not my experience, even if one allows there might have been some measures of the others. There was more. So I never could.

I am certain he would not love for his children to live in a church in this way. But they will play in the garden and be held and read to in the nave, and have bedrooms in the choir lofts and playrooms in the basement. It will not be a practicing church, of course, and will have to suffice.

As I read the woman’s blog, I realize how far it is San had to travel to meet me, priestess of a death-cult. It is not that I am unappreciative, nor that I do not love him. But I am also glad to be now finding this home. And unlike a vampire, of course he will always be able to cross its threshhold, if he so desires.



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3 Responses to Dwellings

  1. sarah says:

    I saw, on one of those HGTV type shows, a church a gay couple had converted into their home. It was maginficent! The old stained windows remained and they cast such a wonderful light upon the living spaces. It was very open and airy, free flow from one space to another. The top floor held the kitchen, living room, mudroom and the choir loft was an artists retreat. Bedrooms were downstairs I believe. It was such a neat reformation of an old church. I like your idea!

  2. lynnsappho says:

    Yes I have seen several. And there are sites with them as well, like this one: http://www.casasugar.com/Coveted-Crib-Converted-Church-London-1772296

    I like the idea of the stained glass, although I am not certain I would wish to preserve the iconography.

  3. sarah says:

    In this particular church/house the stained glass was just random shapes and stuff, no saints, crosses, etc. Made wonderful rainbows and such on the stone floors.
    Here in the states they are selling lighthouses! I think that would make for a wonderful getaway (although with some you have to agree to let folks drop by to take pictures!).

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