And my son Ahren

Ahren is a little closer today, protective of Avalon I think, or of myself. It is a good occasion to write of him here. He has crossed from youth to young man, even by standards of the light which I find very late. He takes after San in his physique, although shorter, but his hair is short and his mouth is my own. His eyes are his own.

He keeps much to himself, perhaps both because I sometimes raised him too harshly, but also as a part of the nature of his personality and age. He is almost overly considerate: Where he used to sprawl he looks for others, and he takes great care not to raise topics that might upset me.

He brings much of a sense of humour, however, even a type that is mostly foreign to me and I think must come from San’s system. He likes the broad, physical comedy. Mr. Bean, for example. He does not have an overly artistic temperament; he is more of a craftsman. For some reason I think of him as almost Icelandic, in some stereotypical sense, someone capable of preparing for a long winter, and of creating a single table, a single chair, with great care. If the warrior queen does get her power tools, I suspect he will use them.

Now it is time to work on this book, but it has been on my mind to write of him.



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