Little monsters

As Avalon comes more into this body and this world, and the warrior queen senses some of her children might try the same, so too I think Caprice may try it.

Avalon says our shared home will fall into ruin, or is. Not just the building, but the very ground, the sky and so on. It is unclear to me and I am still able to walk it, even though it is still. But Magdalena’s daughter is not to be taken lightly, and so if these children seek other avenues, it is not to be stood in their way.

There are questions I would like to ask Li about how it is, in a female body when one is both or neither. It is a little frustrating. I also have not trained any of them in the niceties, which San did so well for his children. So I have asked Caprice for a little time and he agreed. And yet, I find him shopping for clothing.

This break has large ripples; this one of the children more, perhaps, like a tidal wave. But it is a marvel, the power of the ocean. And it is well-timed; so well, one might think it by design.

I do not sense that Lark and Whimsy are so hurried. I wonder if they press at Li’s end. If so I wish him the luck of it, with two such.


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