And Sassy mocks; it is to “grow a pair” – of balls, one supposes. I am alaha; we wear them like necklaces.

Ah well; I have never hidden my love. I am not certain why I lost San’s, and it galls to be mocked for my pain. I worry for Avalon, as well; she is young to be treated thus. And it is father’s day and she is already distraught.

I think it would be a mistake to prevent her reading. However, I am not certain. If anyone cares to comment on this matter, it would be well placed. I am not certain it could be avoided, however.



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5 Responses to Mockingbird

  1. lynnsappho says:

    Oh, dear heart. I am sorry about everything. I don’t know who Sassy is yelling at now, probably no one to do with us, and anyway she says we are J (and means Shandra I think). But I don’t think Avalon has missed any of it and it is not the first time. I don’t know what to say about San. I don’t think I agree, but when people are silent, there is no knowing. I would say listen to your heart but I know you are heartsick. I am here even if you aren’t really listening right now. I know Avalon is hard to hear over.. ~ Lyria Lin

  2. lynnsappho says:

    Ah, it was a mistaken to express myself clearly this morning. Come.

    • lynnsappho says:

      I went there too but FT used to stand for someone else. I think you feel raw and sad. But let’s not assume now that Avalon is calmer that Sass meant us or her. And if she did oh well. -s

  3. sarah says:

    Would you please send this along to Avalon? I don’t have a LJ account so cannot post directly to her.
    My message to her after reading her I’m leaving post:

    Aw, don’t leave. I have been reading and getting to know you (although I have not commented). I would like to know more so I hope you will stay.

    (My apologies for using your journal for this message!)

  4. lynnsappho says:

    Thank you Sarah. I am feeling a bit better today, I will write about it on my LJ later. My mother says it is fine to use here for any messages. It is very nice to know there are people who would notice. Avalon Stormsworm.

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