I suppose I should report in on Aden here from time to time, for Maelynn in case she gets back sometime. And for the curious.

Aden is doing okay, all things considered. He’s a resilient little guy and sometimes his good cheer reappears. But he’s been through a lot, losing both parents…that was not well planned on Magdalynn’s part, sorry Magdalynn, but it wasn’t.  But he is doing all the 2.5 year old things. His speech is getting better and I’d say is within normal. He does phrases and is gaining on sentences, and his vocabulary’s pretty good. He’s big into blocks, building and knocking down, and also hauling them around in a wagon. I try to get him out into the woods often because he likes that and he’s got a good start on climbing trees (not too high, but we find ones that are bent down enough that he can get off the ground).

He’s a picky eater, but I haven’t pushed it too hard. He eats carrots and peas, so I figure that’s a start on orange and green, and then the white food groups – noodles, rice, potatoes and so on. He’ll eat fish sticks if they have ketchup.

I do take him to hang with Lark and Whimsy but it gets old fast since mostly it’s keeping them from beating up on him. Miri and Bree let him tag along if he doesn’t mind being the innocent farmer they have to rescue from the Mongol invaders or whatever. And he goes to Lyr at least one night a week. He’s gotten all tanned and brown. He cries every night though; probably a combination of being tired and missing his parents. He throws fits at me but I figure that’s a good sign, plus he is in the age of fits. When he’s mad it’s his whole body, man – no holding back. But when he’s happy it’s the same thing.

I try to keep the Lynn element in by reading him The Gashlycrumb Tinies, and some Skelanimals and stuff like that. He laughs. I’m good, I don’t tell him his dad’s a jerk for leaving (although overall Soren seemed all right, before that) and his mum was a wacko, despite temptation. I’m kidding, mostly, but I hope someone else answers his questions when he’s old enough to ask them because I am so not the person for that job.

I should add what I say is that they had to leave. When he asks, which is lots. I don’t say they’ll be back, but I don’t add details. He frowns, but really, I have no idea what else to say…Lyr and Shan and I have discussed it of course, but it’s my decision and I think that’s sufficient for now.

I really didn’t want kids (ETA: my own, internally – love the outside ones) but he’s okay, he’s grown on me, plus there’s plenty of help to go around. When he’s a bit older he can train with the warrior kids, and that should help him work anything off he’s got to work off.



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