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I asked Lyria to draw myself and San, this morning. I suggested like anime, as that was the drawing which was promised (from another). She sighed and said she had not drawn in a long time, and people were not what she likes to draw, and that it is difficult with a baby, and that with this office packed the good pencils are put away.

The packing is why I took a picture of her drawing rather than scanning it. But as you see, she indulged me nonetheless. She is not pleased that I will show it, as it is nothing like her best. And yet she also says she will not likely draw the same subject again, as it makes her too sad. That is why, I think, she stopped the iconography on the window.

But I like it, even if it is flawed. I meant a picture of San and I together. I asked her what she would call it and she said the shadow falls.

We discussed whether I would gift it to San’s system. I thought of it, or of seeing if she would paint it. But I am loathe to do so. We have given them enough that has been destroyed. Perhaps in time.

It is a shame. If Sassy had come and said I wish to work on my career, I wish to go to school (as she had before), I wish to seek a husband, we could have provided many mementos.

But I have this one, and the rest.

It does not look overmuch like me; I think because she was trying the large eyes and mouth. But it is right enough.


She says I must add it is very like a book cover she saw once, so the idea is not original, but that much of art is stealing in any case. She cannot remember the book.


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