The bullheaded

I’m going to bring up a sore subject only because I think you’re finally ready to make it much less of a sore subject. The truth as I see it, Taurus, is that a part of you got petrified way back when. A formerly fluid and flexible part of your psyche got turned into stone, metaphorically speaking, losing much of its usefulness and creating distortions throughout the rest of you. Now, after all this time, you have circled back to a phase when you have the power to at least partially un-petrify this lost function. To get the process started, I suggest you turn your attention to it in such a way that you feel like laughing and crying at the same time.

We read horoscopes of late, mostly because of the warrior queen seeking inspiration for this book. She says when writing so quickly, one must look more, and because this younger son of the flesh is teething and small and such, we mostly look from the confines of this home.

I am not certain of the date of my own genesis, so I never think any apply to me. But this one, which is for Taurus – the bull is apt, perhaps; stubborn and with sharp horns – does a little, just now.

I still grapple with my daughter’s nightmares and with my own blindness about the impact of ritual. I am in the light enough to wish I had understood it, but not enough to have avoided it in the first place. Also, I am not in the light enough to be certain what my path would have been had I sighted it.

Perhaps this does relate to something petrified within. Not in the sense of these therapists with their easy thoughts on trauma, no. But part of being one of the alaha, and particularly the chief among them, is to see as far as possible. But in some directions I have not looked so much. I could have foreseen the wound in my daughter had I considered that she was not fully one of us.

But as I have sought largely to bring ritual apart from breaking others, I have created stone where once was flesh. I do not intend to break anyone. If I did I would hardly publish my intent. But to look deeper – yes.

As an irony, I wrote this before I took the time to speak with some in another system today. (If you wish to say who, you are welcome.) They asked for my thoughts on a matter related to this. I was glad to do so, but even more I was glad to be seen as myself in this way. And on this site with the horoscopes it says the universe conspires to provide abundance. Although I do not think it possible to agree, it amuses. Today, perhaps indeed it does.



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