Where does it go?

A little discussion, among us. Were you married?
Not I.

But it was often said, you are all my wives.

Then where did he/they go?

One argues with failure to the same degree that one argues with success.

I cannot ask Lyria, but I know her romance with Edna St. Vincent Millay: Alms.


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2 Responses to Where does it go?

  1. sarah says:

    Not a comment on this particular post but a few questions.
    What (or who), if anything, brings you to your knees in submission or despair? What/who causes you to weep? What/who inspires/provokes passion? If you could build a hut would it be on a mountain top? Ocean side or forest? Why?

  2. lynnsappho says:

    On a totally different tack from Sarah’s question, the word failure has been bothering me since you wrote it this morning. You and Li weren’t arguing and as far as I can remember, Li never said he was unhappy at all, or implied it. So I don’t think you can say it was a relationship failure. In that sense I think widowhood is a better way of looking at it. – S

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