In speaking of poetry

to my archangel, he is honest with me. A good image and some clumsy wording. I like the talk, and I agree about the clumsy.

Although all this poetry is preliminary at best – the warrior queen gives me 45 minutes per poem, at least in the writing of it and I like to play on the screen or with a pen, for the words and tunes in my head often clash and it is difficult to hear well – it is not the same as it once was.

So I say it has gotten very bad. He says perhaps it is as my prose improves. I think it true. But I am greedy and would like both. He mentions discipline. In the past, there was more time for song, but I admit I still was not very disciplined. They were better at the start.

I am not certain what time I will have or use to improve, beyond two projects I have already undertaken. Perhaps soon I will no longer be a poet. If not, at least they will not offend me on the rereading of them.

I am glad for this month’s experiment, the new and the old mixed.


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