Poetry month #26: Druid child’s lament (for Tarren)

Raised to bear the knife, to love the tree;
Divine the future’s trace in sprays of blood
Hold the scales of justice; a trustee
To treat each step as sacred through the wood
In your leaves my eyes have found the sky
Dropped my tears to trail down winter’s bark
Ceded you the echo of my cries
Brought my pagan heart to disembark.
Now the Romans march throughout the land
With vulgar speech and arms to conquer tribes
I seek your shelter, but with this demand
I realize trees will never take a side.
For in the dark the woods hide conquering packs
And woe to he who wanders from the track.


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One Response to Poetry month #26: Druid child’s lament (for Tarren)

  1. lynnsappho says:

    Oh I have to agree with Shandra that you are being a little hard on our boys. But I know you are playing with the pictures and words. ~ Lyria

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