A fairy tale

What would you like to see?

Another fairy tale. Nothing new or original to it:

There was a woman I found very beautiful. I think from her eyes I would have loved her but she was gagged, so I never heard her speak. Only her screams, later.

She was an amazon, I think. Large. Full breasted.

She was tied to the altar and I tasted her. Suckled. Felt the arching of her body beneath me as she strained against the rope that tied her hands and feet. She was drugged, and had been whipped, and was slick with her blood and mind. She said stop – stop. Stop what? Time?

My first lover took me from behind and while he was inside me, thrusting, he put my hands around the hilt of the knife. He put his hands over mine.

Then he pulled me up, against his chest, and then we both fell down with the knife before us, onto her. You would think the blood would start but it took another thrust.

Then while she was dying he pulled back, turned me over, and then thrust into me. We made love on a dying woman I might have loved. All around there was fire and smoke and music.

And lust.

I still hear it. It was then that they came and whispered in my ears, the dark ones. But I will never speak of them other than they were there, and I listened.

So bring me silence and I will only hear them again.


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4 Responses to A fairy tale

  1. sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing this (not sure how I missed it when first posted).
    It brings to me a question I meant to ask earlier. We struggled, felt guilty/badly, when our body would react with pleasure to touches we found offensive/painful. Do you or have you felt confused when lovemaking also caused pain to yourself or the other person being engaged (especially emotional pain)? There appears to be some conflict of emotions in this story-hurting one you could have loved while being pleasured. Have you ever had to justify feeling pleasure from an unwanted or unpleasant happening? Is pain necessary in relationships for you to feel fulfilled? If lust changes to love (still with lust), is the way you interact with that person changed?

  2. lynnsappho says:

    I like that you ask questions.

    Although there are some touches I might, or some of us might find offensive, and once or twice some among us have experienced sex as penalty, for the most part I do not find sex offensive and pain is merely pain – sometimes delightful, sometimes a little less, and occasionally extremely beautiful.

    What I find offensive is when it is clumsy or done without a sense of art. Some I have known, for example, have been brutalized or made to serve others who were not thoughtful, nor artful, nor religious. That is offensive. It is fine to break someone down or cause them pain, but let it be purposeful and artistic.

    I have been fortunate in this being extremely rare. The warrior queen has borne the brunt of such.

    I am not overly well acquainted with guilt; that is one reason I claim sociopathic tendencies for myself, unlike others such as Lyria or the warrior queen. But as someone who has created pleasure in the past where there might have been none, I can tell you that there is no agency or blame on the side of anyone who experiences it in this way. It is entirely dependent on the skill of the one who teaches. It would be like suffering guilt because a doctor did something in surgery, whether correct or incorrect.

    Yes, there was a conflict of emotion.

    For justifying I suppose I was called to account from time to time, at one time. Since then I have only delighted, not justified.

    For pain, yes, I think so. Although I have learned to stay my hand at times, I do not always have control if it is I alone (in the flesh, the warriors guard closely) and I would not wish to always have to be controlled. It is one reason this husband and I remain merely on good terms.

    Of course love changes things, but I do not believe love eliminates pain. On the contrary I think intimacy increases pain. Physically, as it becomes better skilled and better timed and more personal. Emotionally, by its very nature, and also because even among mates of the soul there will always be misunderstandings, in bed as elsewhere.

    For myself, if someone is gentle with me I find it excruciating and it would only be for love — or perhaps, as bait — that I would submit to such for a time, now and then.

  3. sarah says:

    Is self inflicted pain practiced by anyone for pleasure? Or relief?
    And, reading about sociopaths, I saw this: the goal of a sociopath is to create a willing victim. Comment?
    Oh, thanks for answering and allowing questions. I’m clumsy at asking sometimes but always my questions are with respect and of course, curiosity.

  4. lynnsappho says:

    In the past, there was self-inflicted pain. I have inflicted it, and Lyria has walked over glass. At times it was inflicted towards others in this body. But it has been some years since this has occurred. It was part of an agreement: That we all could write and draw as we wished, even as I do here in this public, provided that we did not express ourselves upon this body.

    Perhaps that is what sociopaths do, if they enjoy the breaking of people. But for myself, I do not think a willing victim very exciting, if a victim is sought. If one is granting a wish or even carrying out a will, then there lacks any true interest. It is one reason I do not think much of BDSM as it is seems to be done with the safewords and the topping from the bottom and such. But I cannot speak for all sociopaths. There is the question of love.

    Love, of course, is a different thing. And there one does grant the wishes and such.

    You are welcome.

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