Poetry month #23: Apocalyptic vision

May 2003

I’ve got a pack of cards here
That will help you stack the deck,
It will bring you through the fire
And might bring diamonds to your neck
It’s the cutting edge of evolution
And the ultimate solution
Expanding to the skies –

Make perfect sense of –
All – those – cries –

Apocalyptic vision
I see it all before me
All the fires and the shame,
The way your smallness is
Misapprehension; let’s reframe
You’re the very one I need before we can reclaim –
Our destiny…

Apocalyptic vision

It’s definitively crossing cultures
Based on mastering technique
It’s got a scientific bent
Although it’s also got mystique
You add a tablespoon of reiki
A dash of virtual reality
A very lucid dream

You’ll find the reason for
Why – you – scream

Apocalyptic vision
(Come a little closer)
Apocalyptic vision
(You’re the one that I have chosen)

Apocalyptic vision –
I know exactly how to get from here to living there
Don’t despair
It just needs a little goat
A little slit along your throat
(You didn’t think I meant that
Your refrain would have the final note?)

Apocalyptic vision
I see it all before me
Apocalyptic vision


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