Poetry month #17: Tourist of the graveyard

June 2003

She’s just here for a little 3 dollar tour
See all the sights, and find a paramour
Learn a few native phrases
Sing a lot of empty praises
For how easy it is to get around
Get around the corpses in the ground
Tourist of the graveyard

They’re not really her style;
It’s just the clothes that go a mile
Have a little souvenir
But nothing you could call sincere
Don’t bother her with history
She’ll wonder what that’s got to do with me?
Tourist of the graveyard

Her sunglasses –
Hide her eyes and hide the glare
Her camera lens –
Makes everything into a fair
It’s the very picture postcard of a way
Away, away, away…

She’s never known the names
That you find written on the graves
She’s never shed a tear upon
The lovers others found so dear
She’s only here to get away
From what – don’t ask – she’ll never say
Tourist of the graveyard
(She’ll never die)
Tourist of the graveyard
(She’ll never die)
Tourist of the graveyard.


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