My liminal daughter

Avalon is on the edge of many things. Adult and child. Lynn and Stormsworn. And now her father system and my own.

The conversation is something like: I say, do not be sure you know what it is your father means, if indeed it is his word. She says she know it means he was mistaken in coming for her.

That is the child.

So I tell her perhaps there is much of San I have not known, but I know he loves his children and would not have felt mistaken in the coming for her. I think I see understanding in her eyes — it must be there; she has never, before now, gone a day in doubt of her father. That is the Stormsworn.

But then, defiance. She tells me what she senses and I agree, but I warn her: these flashes are easily misinterpreted. That is the Lynn.

I acknowledge that Sassy and her system had the right to remove the children’s blog, but as a symbolic act it was powerful. It has thrown the children’s instincts.

Avalon remains firm: She wishes to finish what she started last year. That is the adult. So now I will decide whether or not to oppose her. Asher is still young and Maelynn has done well, so it is not well-timed, unless Maelynn can be convinced on a point of – theology, I suppose, is the best word.



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