Such a word

If the word in Sassy’s blog is for Avalon, I am not certain how to interpret it. Resipiscence (n): Acknowledgment that one has been mistaken. Mistaken in allowing her with us, or in not – I am not certain. It is like the Delphic oracle, if you proceed you will destroy a great empire indeed.

That is the irony, I suppose. Any speculation is liable to leave one…mistaken. Ah well, I am mistaken many times.

Perhaps it is a warning for Avalon.

It is elegant, the many meanings. In Lynn there is a word reshalu, the error/the quicksand/the moment you realize there is a monster, the flash before the monster appears. And yes, reshalu is an element of many things. One thing I have learned, however, is that reshalu may be mistaken as well: One may see the monster, and then have it have been only a shadow. Of course there is a word for that in Lynn as well.

I miss the days of direct speech.

Likely it is for someone else. It is arrogant, to read into such things.

But I note it, for I asked for a word. I should have asked for a clearer word but I think on it. I am grateful for any aid.

Wherever you are beloved, I adore you. I do the best I am able with our children. I will do my best in this coming week of death. You know where I am.



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One Response to Such a word

  1. Avalon says:

    I know what it means.

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