Poetry month #16: Mood for a cult

April of 2002

Why don’t we try an evolution
Leading to a revolution
And you can impale me
In the most
Atrocious ways you can think of
Make a martyr; rule the world
Save ourselves;
Create a curse
Put some nails into some
Innocent bystanders
Just to prove the point
Which was –
oh which was –

Your remarks are so pointed
Along with that lovely knife

Let’s raise up a new messiah
Just be sure that he’s a liar
And if you don’t watch
Your back
I’ll cut him a piece of your ribs
Make a cult; become beloved
Raise ourselves;
Enjoy the bloodlet
Sacrifice a few of
Those human sheep
Just to make sure
We can sleep –

I’m not sleepy
So come to bed

Oh it would be the loveliest thing
To guard an emerald magic ring
And swear everyone to secrecy –
Tell them

Don’t let anyone else know, they’d think it
was crazy but I know that you know
it’s not because you believe me
Don’t you?
Oh yes because you are –
you are – you are
the one;
the only one;
only with me
You are the key to my lock
full of secrets just whatever you do
don’t open that door
don’t open that last door down the hallway”

Let’s build a castle of hallways
A mountain of martyrs and saints
All dead
All dead under our bed.


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