Our eldest daughter

Avalon wishes to try again at Easter. There are many difficulties with it. Do I take my place again, or watch Maelynn? And does Avalon think San will come again to her rescue? I have read children of divorce think such things. I do not know whether to respect her wishes, as a mother. I would think San would have taught me no, but then he left so why should I respect his teaching if in the end it is not love and he does not keep his word?

Then there is the question of whether it is acceptable to try again at all. Some would like to wrest her from him, and Maelynn is of that bent. But if I were again The alaha, and not merely alahai, I would question whether such a goal is acceptable at such a time. It displaces the notion. Abraham did not take Issac up because his wife betrayed him.

With one sign beloved, you might guide my hand. I would appreciate the counsel.


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