Poetry month #9: Bandaids

From April of 2003

Shards of our enchanted mirror
Pierce me, alas
And I can’t remember what it was
I ever saw behind

the glass;
I’m sure I didn’t cast a reflection
Already a ghost in my defection
From your ideals –
All my

Falling on the deafest of ears.

Please get me a bandaid
For my self-esteem
It doesn’t matter

if it’s only
In my dreams
Sticky tape and gauze or
Maybe just some loud applause
Anything to stop

the bleeding
Keep me from this endless needing
Can’t you kiss my boo-boo
Bandage me, oh

bandage me

My hands are paper cuts
From fairy tales
And I can’t remember how the princess’s

managed to prevail;
I’m sure I never found a magic key
No whispered source of destiny
To rule my

fate –
It’s all dead weight
Leaving all our games at a stalemate

Find me a Cinderella bandaid

by a lemonade
And a pair of glass slippers
And I’ll always make you dinner
You’re the king and I’m

the queen
We’ll live together in a dream –
Make me an adhesive crown
Oh bandage me.


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