Poetry month #3: Transformers, in two parts

My elder son of the flesh chooses the topic. I think I will do two, one for now and one for when he is a little older.

If Bumblebee was mummy’s car

If Bumblebee was mummy’s car
No trip at all would seem too far
When shopping at the grocery store
He’d just transform and hold the door

If we had to wait to fill up with gas
He’d tell me jokes to make me laugh
Going through the carwash wouldn’t feel like rain
With Bumblebee to think up games

And stopping at the playground after
Bumblebee and I would race faster and faster
Until he took me to outer space
Then we’d find the energon and save the human race

Going to school after meeting Megatron,
Writing out words wouldn’t be such a yawn
I’d have the very best stories to tell
And Bumblebee would show me the words to spell

If Bumblebee was mummy’s car
No trip at all would seem too far

Transform and roll out
(With thanks to the Quotable Optimus Prime)

Ah my son, this world of men
Of utilitarian machines which transform
At a moment’s notice into heroes;
Reaching for the stars even as they fight
To defend their earth.

I see you absorb the word of Optimus Prime
Freedom is the right of all sentient beings,
We can’t ignore the danger; we must conquer it.
Neither impossible, nor impassable!
Sometimes even the wisest of men and machines
can be in error.

One might as well say fortune favours the bold,
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori,
The die is cast; I have not yet begun to fight
In war there is no substitute for victory.

There is no stopping the script;
You were born a son and even if you
Bring a poet’s soul it will be forged against
The steel that holds up history.
No amount of pink can deflect the blue.

I will show you my way,
But that way will always be other; mother to son.
(And perhaps a little Decepticon to Autobot)
Fate rarely calls on us at a moment of our choosing.
So I will give you what I can before
You transform and roll out.

Of course these commissions are not so well-developed, a mere matter of an hour, but I enjoy the thinking on them.


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4 Responses to Poetry month #3: Transformers, in two parts

  1. Jeanne says:

    The first one is adorable. (This is a compliment, truly.) Although at first I kept misreading it as ‘mummy’s ear’ which both made less sense and didn’t rhyme. 🙂

    The second one is — well, a lot more than that. But in part because of the contrast with the first one.

    • lynnsappho says:

      Thank you Jeanne. I am not certain what I think of the second. Because I am less familiar with certain images and sentiments I find when I attempt to write about any of my children it becomes flat. But I hope in the practice of it to improve, at least a little.

      • Jeanne says:

        Well, the Wilfrid Owen reference was awesome. I mean, maybe I’m just enjoying the intertextuality of it. But it didn’t fall flat for me, at all. I don’t really have good tools to criticise poetry — it’s something where ‘I know what I like’ or I don’t. And I know I often tend to compliment yours. But… the 2nd is something that really speaks to me, about constructed masculinity and motherhood, and a lot of other things.

      • lynnsappho says:

        That was as I wished. I am glad you were able to read it thus.

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