Poetry month #1: An abbreviated Genesis

For this month I will attempt to post one poem or song each day, either a new one or one I have written before but which does not appear here. Or perhaps from other poets.

This one was written in October of 2003.

Night and day, the first day They fucked in the backseat of a car he broke into just for her and they agreed never to exchange names. Afterwards they laid together and critiqued the contents of the glove compartment, smoking his last joint.

Heaven and earth, the second day But they frequented the same clubs and soon they started to frequent each other. They developed code names, a preference for station wagons, and a habit of tearing each other’s clothing to leave a mark. And they waved from the corner.

Ocean and earth, the third day One night she didn’t arrive, so hee fucked another girl in another car. But it was after that he began his illicit search, tracking down a name, an apartment block. He stood on the grass, under a tree, and then she stepped out over the lawn and recognized him.

Stars and seasons, the fourth day They started to eat breakfast together. First Sunday breakfast, and Sunday lunch, and Sunday dinner – summer meals. Fall meals. .

Birds and beasts, the fifth day One night he woke and she was crying her secrets at the corner by the refrigerator, and he held her quietly. The next day he bought her a kitten. And they both felt the kitten was their own.

Man and dominion, the sixth day They moved in together; putting those long withheld names down together on a lease; cleaning each other’s dirty clothing; getting nervous when each other was late; resenting the nights they did not come home; arguing over the cat litter.

No rest for the wicked On the seventh day the snake said, tell him who you really are. And so she did. And so the gates closed on their little paradise.


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