The uselessness of why

Shandra writes long regarding Sassy.

I think she wasted an afternoon; not a small thing, of late, especially as this flu impacts the milk, and the child nurses constantly. But we will allow her her foibles.

As to the destruction of the children’s records, we will reinstate them here at some time, or create a blog. Lyria foresaw it. Although she did not think of the comments. Here is my first child with Li’s record, recorded by Sassy on March 17, 2006.

(Cross-posted to ELL)

Well, Lynn and Li have had their little hermaphroditic gender-switching wonder kid, and he’s a beauty. Full head of black hair and not just one tooth but two and what a pair of lungs, oh my God. Caprice is just a use-name until she gets old enough to choose her own, but I think it’s a great name for a kid who can be whatever gender he wants, or both even. Thank goodness diapers aren’t gender-specific anymore!

Li is just oozing with pride and fatherliness, like he’s the only one who ever had an orgasm in the right place at the right time. I’ve heard tell that Lynn is equally smug. 😀

I’m really happy for them, and I’m really glad our family is growing, and I’m just really really glad for a lot of things, but especially for having L/L in our lives.

God I love you all so much!


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4 Responses to The uselessness of why

  1. sarah says:

    Nosy question time: did Caprice a different name and just one gender?

  2. sarah says:

    Thanks for the reply. And now for a stupid question (well stupid because I have no clue about hermaphrodites beyond the definition)..anyway, does being a hermaphrodite mean being bi-sexual when it comes to relationships? Or is it a choosing of just same sex/opposite sex when pursuing a relationship?
    (yeah, I know there are no stupid questions lol so I’ll say its a not in the know question because I’m sure how to even look up such information). Prattling on I am today!

    • lynnsappho says:

      I am not certain I am an authority. Very few of us fail to be attracted to the self, less than the flesh. We are pansexual, I suppose. But none of us are hermaphrodites.

      You should go and seek Li from Sassy and ask. It would amuse me if you did.

      But if Caprice were to ask I would say that the same sex for Caprice is another hermaphrodite, and that all lovers should be chosen by lust, but lust of the heart as well as the flesh.

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