Sonnet for a necromancer

I’ve spent a hundred years or maybe more
In search of those beneath the sacred ground
To shape and hone my craft to force death’s door
Free minds and hearts of lovers lost and found.
I am the priestess to their ritual prayers,
Confessor to their venial and mortal sins
I kiss and mother all their grieving heirs;
And greet the orphaned souls as though lost kin.
I grant their lust for blood and bring the blade,
Let them take their pleasure in my strife
Draw the rune-jeweled circle; make the trade
My will to bring their history to life.
But with the dawn it’s me they see as dead
And scream; and vanish, sure they were misled.


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2 Responses to Sonnet for a necromancer

  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s amazing. Words fail me.

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