Love understood

I think this woman truly understands something of it. I like this entry. I like her obsession. I like that with little money to spare, she purchases these rings for a song.

Today my — ah I use the posessive — archangel was surprised that I have some degree of optimism. Before (before what? before Li, I suppose; before the archangel withdrew to leave the field to San and the rest) I had little. It is true. It is a change.

Part of it is my children. Those of the flesh, yes, to some degree. But my own as well; to choose to have children of the spirit is a leap of faith, for there is no failure of birth control with them. And they are mine and Li’s, not of the group. To have children is to believe in some sort of future. Ironic, then, that they sustain me through the loss of their other parent.

As for the other part – it is a mystery, perhaps. To be unravelled.


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