Last night I dreamed

I walked through the snow through forest and onto stone. My feet ached with the cold. Then I climbed to a cavern blocked with roots, bleak in the winter.

Inside my breath echoed against icicles, long pillars from ceiling to floor. They were something like bars. I kissed one and then I felt a hand behind me, caressing me in that spot that Soren has made his in Maelynn. I turned and there was nothing.

Then there was laughter and the sound of cameras. I turned again and it appeared I was on a stage, with many laughing at me. I burned with embarrassment and shame, but then I took a bow and made a gesture. The audience threw roses on the stage but they were dead and I stepped on a thorn.

I left the stage and then Li pressed me against a wall and took me while I writhed, partly indignant and partly in need. But then he opened a door and put me out into the snow.


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