Dexter, episode 1

So I have watched this episode 1 of Dexter. If Li ever wishes to watch, I will watch it again. But I have decided not to wait to do that which gives me pleasure, particularly as this son is nursing very much just now and to consume media is easier than to write it the one-handed.

I like some of it thus far very much. It has some wit – for example, that Dexter’s boat is named Slice of Life. I like this touch.

I do not like that already a cause for his sociopathy is sought in the narrative. Likely one will be supplied. I expect I will not like it.

I like this foster father. I like that he is a bridge between Dexter and the world of light. He is willing to look at Dexter clearly and perceive his nature. When his father said “You are not alone and you are loved” to his adolescent self, I understood what it was that was being said.

I hear many of those I have loved in these words. Morningstar. Lin. Li. I think it is a true path, those who say “yes, kill, but not today.” Who love in the madness.

But again, it seems justification for a moral code where there is none necessary. It is a little heavy handed. Unless it is necessary for the audience, perhaps.

The killing is not very graphic, which is likely good for the show and is good for me to be able to watch it at a good speed (for these others who might find it gruesome), but I find it a little disappointing. Perhaps this changes as it goes on.

I find Dexter a little less the predator than I would like. I suspect it is a pilot issue in that there is concern to keep him sympathetic. But when he speaks of a hunger to kill, I think there should be a hunger. The detachment is a little unconvincing, if this is the primal urge around which his life is structured. But then this may be a matter of personality; I am passionate about these things.

He is convincing enough as a sociopath, except perhaps that he seeks a little too much to understand others. I like that he does not seek to be understood, except at the end when he thrills to the game of the other killer.

I am not certain what I think of Dexter’s relationships to others. It seems the women he sees are thus far either a little stupid or naive or damaged. Although I have known many thus, I still wonder where it is the strong ones are. In some ways I recognize the attraction between Dexter and Rita — it puts me in mind of Dominic and Sassy, although Sassy is far more intelligent. But I would wish to see some stronger women. I find it annoying thus far.

I liked the line in the police station where Dexter muses that all these people are trained to apprehend killers and yet only one senses that something about him is not usual. I think it is often thus. But I wish that one were a little more subtle.

I think I will enjoy to watch the more. But if the women do not improve, I will be disappointed, even if it might be true to the form – the predatorial men and the victim women.

This is fractured, but it is due to the needs of this son of the flesh.


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