Dexter, and aspirin for the heart

One reason I wished to watch Dexter with Li is that I am curious about the transformation this sociopathic character makes, or is reported to make. The reports are that he begins to experience emotions which make it more difficult for him. And of course, he has a compulsion to kill others. These are things Li and I would like.

Perhaps I will say some here, once I begin to watch. I think Li has received his, but no word.

i will wait a little but then I will watch.

A;so I have read painkillers are good for a broken heart.


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2 Responses to Dexter, and aspirin for the heart

  1. sarah says:

    I haven’t seen the television show but did read the first and second Dexter books. I enjoyed them quite a bit, especially as I had not read any other fiction with a dissociative main character. My favortie tv show (not that you asked lol) is Criminal Minds which features many sociopathic criminals. Favorite author is Jonathan Kellerman who writes excellent pyscho/sociopathic (?) fiction.

    The link was a good read. Makes sense to me in that heart break/depression/sadness over a break up often leads to tense muscles, headaches and other physical ailments. The pain killers help ease the physical which I think does help ease the emotional.

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