A grounded fae; a flight of fantasy

I do not fully understand how it is Lyria is grounded in all this with Li and Lian and San and such. And yet, she is. I think it is in part this book we have been not-writing-writing; it is very much hers, even more than the last. It raises her up, as does the prospect of a year at home without this work. She has plans for her garden and for this house.

There is not very much money, particularly after the spending around this hospitalization — the care is free but there was a hotel room, and several meals from restaurants — but it does not bother Lyria in the slightest. And indeed, she is good at making much from little; in fact she thrives on it. The last two nights we have eaten lentils and rice with onions.

But I also think it is that Lyria has come into herself in a new way. Once she was all optimism, and then pain when the world was not so fresh. At that time perhaps she was a princess, but now she is a queen; more thoughtful, weightier, but still beautiful. I love her very much. She has always been my equal, but I see it anew.

The warrior queen is determined that the book will be completed by the summer, and I think it will, particularly if this son of the flesh will not develop colic. It is fertile ground, just now. The book is a fantasy, and amuses both the warrior queen and Lyria greatly. It is in a sense the opposite of the unfinished book, but I think that one may be finished as well.

Sometimes I wonder why, with the three of us so passionate and determined, we have not accomplished more. But then I think where we might be – fractured and malignant to each other’s goals – and I think we have accomplished much. But it is time to do more.


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One Response to A grounded fae; a flight of fantasy

  1. lynnsappho says:

    Oh you are silly because I am not royalty!

    Sometimes people need time away. Maybe it will be forever but I hope that Sassy will remember we like her fiesty and her jokes and her books and things, and that we know San’s eyes and hands and how he can be gentle or not, and Lian’s leaves and tree and roots, and Lohr’s stone, and Li’s slippery ice, and Soren’s patience and Moon’s solid and all those things. But if they do not then that is their path and no one else can choose it for them.

    In the meantime there are things we have not been doing too, like poetry and talking to friends and it is good to do them. Sometimes we all get into habits, good and bad, and a little shake up is okay.

    There is lots of love out there for everyone, and there has been lots of love too, and it will all be fine. It is sad to miss them. It is very hard on Magdalynn right now too and that part is the hardest to understand, but it will be okay.



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