Unfinished business

Part of our agreement with the warrior queen and Lyria about this second son of the flesh is that we would have the more time while at home. I had thought at the beginning, when the infant is nursing and such, to watch Dexter, purchasing the DVDs.

But I also intended to send the set to Li for this Valentine’s Day that we might watch together. Now I am uncertain whether to purchase it for Li, or for myself. It was a little pleasure I had stored.

These unfinished things are annoying.


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3 Responses to Unfinished business

  1. sarah says:

    I say get it for yourself! Why deprive yourself pleasure, especially since it was not your choice to have this separation.

  2. sarah says:

    Hey, you never know, it might just be this random (well, not so much) act of kindness opens the door a bit.

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