Witch to Prince

It seems others have said it: But you promised.

A child’s cry, indeed. Regardless, I continue. Because once you took oath to me as Prince and I thought there was some meaning in it.

You promised if there were an argument among others you would still answer my email. Have you forgotten it? I sent one, that first day. It is annoying. You and I did not argue. Li and Lynn did not argue.

Even if you do depart I would wish to know some things regarding Aden, the stream and such. Most particularly Aden, as certain changes have taken place amongst the alaha*. I am certain it could be discussed calmly, even if in truth I wish to tie you to a tree and whip you unconscious for all this. But not to death. Not yet, in any case.

You should give a sign. I would wait a long time, were there one. I write here because it cannot be erased so easily as other means.


* A caste of Lynn


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