Last night I mourned and learned

Last night was difficult. We were in this labour enough
that we were admitted to this hospital as the unborn one is breech.
Having lost a child to it once we often feel the veil between life
and death to be thin at such times. (it has slowed and we hope to
be released.) Also such pain where one is fucked is an old friend
and puts one in mind of lovers. In any case, a time to wish one’s
words to be heard by those beloved. But instead silence. I would
have wept were I that sort Lyria did this faerie oracle she does on
this phone. I think the card was Roc but I am not certain. What it
said was it was neediness. That to consider whether one has a true
need or whether it is an attempt to control the outcome. I found
this profound. I have a deep desire for Cara Mia and such but is it
a need as such? Perhaps not. And perhaps to frame it with such
passion and so many posts is merely a desire that they respond. I
will think on this.


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