The priestess

It is the priestess who disturbs. The witch is loudest in her rantings but the priestess is silent and ill. The silence is less characteristic than the ill, but neither is common. There is a blankness to her that is unlike us. I think it the strain of this child San begat upon her and then left.

There are solutions to this last, but she does not speak. Some argue quis tacet consentire, but others argue that silence is a way of old which should be honoured and so nothing permanent until she speaks. Soon it will have to be decided whether she speaks or no.

Since she was among the first to speak, and has never ceased, the silence is strange.

Before the child there was a strain for some time. Hesitation. But she had chosen the path and the bridge. Then the bridge collapsed beneath her, it seems.

I wonder does he feel her through their bond? Could there be one under such circumstances? She has always said if he left she would pursue him to the ends of the earth. Instead she sits. I do not think she is deep in the bond. I am not certain where she is, which is not permitted in Lynn; we are all one and there are no hidden corners. It disturbs.

You notice I do not discuss my bond. I have not tested it. I do not wish to know. Not at this time.

Lyria sits with her. Her children come. Otherwise I wonder if she would be dead. Suicide is not permitted either. But illness…that is something new in this way. A loophole not ever exploited.


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One Response to The priestess

  1. Lin says:

    If I, if we, could reach our hands inside that hole, we would bring out flowers, or diamonds, or dead leaves.

    I listen for news of her, when there is news to tell. I am glad Lyria sits with her.

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